Stag Weekend Ideas for Dublin, Dublin Treasure Hunts are great Stag Do Icebreakers

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Ideas for your Dublin stag weekend ...

  • Smartphone treasure hunt
  • Guinness brewery
  • Paintball
  • Clubbing
  • Dog track night
  • Party bus

... to name but a few.

But what makes a stag do treasure hunt so good?

Dublin Stag Weekend Treasure Hunts

Why choose a Dublin stag treasure hunt?

For a start, it's damn good fun! The Stag weekend organiser just needs to dish the dirt on the stag (and anyone else in the party) to our customisation team , drop us a few photos and away we go ... we will customise it. Not just a bit of lip service, but proper customisation. We can include amusing tasks that are relevant to the group, plus photos, specific places, snippets of stories to modify the clues ... whatever.

Your Dublin Stag treasure hunt will be a really sociable affair. There will be debate, laughs and mickey taking. If any of the lads don't already know each other, it is the perfect ice breaker. OK, so you just want to go on a pub crawl when you get there. Instead of just wandering round looking for what might be decent pubs, let our inside knowledge of Dublin guide you to some of the funnest, hippest places to drink. If you can stay focussed, you might even get round to answering a few clues and working out who has won. But the result doesn't really matter ...

The Dublin stag treasure hunt is a perfect finale to round off the weekend after a rip-roaring Friday night and Saturday. It is great fun but not overly physically taxing so will lift what is often a rather 'flat' day.

You will need to do many weird and wonderful things to complete the photo tasks (all legal and above board we hasten to say!) which will add to the records of the weekend.

Even if you have already ordered a stag weekend package deal in Dublin, there will be some down time ... fill it with a smartphone or traditional stag treasure hunt and make the most of your stag weekend in Dublin.