Value for Money Fun for all the family in Dublin ... the Dublin treasure hunt

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Organising a family event in Dublin?

  • Limited budget?
  • Struggling to find something to suit everyone?
  • Looking for something personalised?
  • Need something memorable for the right reasons?

... then the Dublin Family treasure hunt is for you!

Dublin Treasure Hunts - Oscar Wilde statue clue

How to Solve the problem of running a fun family gathering or birthday treat in Dublin

Most family events are run on a tight budget. The Dublin family treasure hunt DIY pack could be the solution to your problems. For less that it costs for a family of 4 to get to Dublin by ferry, you could get yourself this great value and fun event.

A treasure hunt is inclusive, everyone can be involved, no standing around watching Granny dance or little Timmy pull faces, everyone will be too busy solving clues and enjoying the atmosphere of Dublin.

Your family treasure hunt will be fully personalised from cover to last page, including the tasks and clues. That makes it much more engaging that your average event.

Your family treasure hunt is flexible. You can use it when you want during the family weekend in Dublin. It could take a full afternoon or just a couple of hours. We will write it to start and finish at whatever venues you choose.

Family treasure hunts are good clean fun so no need to worry about upsetting maiden aunts! You will see more of the city than just the inside of a venue or zoo or whatever. The family will get out and about and discover some of the hidden treasures even the locals don't know about!

At the end of the day, you will have some memorable photos - Dublin family treasure hunts are designed to help you capture some fantastic images that you will treasure forever!

So why delay, contact us to find out more about your Dublin family treasure hunt NOW!